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Confident Woman

Nicole P.

Toronto, ON

BEST SCRUB I'VE EVER USED! My skin comes out GLOWING from the scrub alone...the cream is the cherry on top! Highly recommend this duo.

woman 10

Katarina N.

Brampton, ON

All of the Cheers to Summer shower gels have a sweet scent, it's like summer in a bottle!!! They lather with ease and leave a refreshing feel!


Claire D.

Montreal, QC

I wasn't sure what to expect when trying this product for the first time, but OMG! I am very impressed with the results. My dry and sensitive skin, feels hydrated and looks healthier! I would recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin, you will notice a huge difference! Simply "organic excellence!"

woman 13

Meghan A.

Mississauga, ON

Great value and amazing scents. I love the Cheers to Summer body washes. They are a great price and they smell fabulous. I love how quick they arrived after being ordered!

woman 2

Sandra R.

Terrebonne, QC

I love the body scrub. It feels great, my skin is softer and it smells great. I recommend it.

Woman with Gray Hair

Diane B.

Kirkland, QC

It has been many years since I took a bath and relaxed. But today I decided to treat myself to one and try yourbath bombs. I must say they are wonderful! I have type 2 diabetes, and my skin is always very dry. After using this bath bomb, my skin feels so nourished and so much healthier. This is a wonderful product, that really improved my skin after just one use. I will definitely be re-using these bath bombs!

Smiling Young Woman

Rose S.

Vancouver, BC

I finally had some time to try the scrub and WOW, I'm really impressed! My dull flaky winter skin.. gone! And I was floored by how soft my skin was, even 2 days later, I'm still feeling the silky smoothness, and my color has returned to a nice healthy hue. Great product, I'll be sure to come back for more!


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