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Societe canadienne du cancer logo

The Earthnotes Skincare team has been a proud supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society since our founding year. We could not be more proud to announce our partnership with this incredible cause.


We know that perfumes and scents in beauty products are not for everyone. People who suffer from medical conditions, are undergoing medical treatments, or have skin sensitivities and allergies are more limited in their beauty and self care options.

Earthnotes Skincare Inc. is proud to announce that 20% of all purchases of our Unscented collection go to support the Canadian Cancer Society and the Relay for Life.

For those who would like to continue using their favourite scents from our collections, yet would like to support the foundation, we invite you to join the quest for a cure below. We assure you that all 100% of all funds collected are given to the Canadian Cancer Society.

We would like to thank all our wonderful Earthy Gals and Earthy Guys for their support in finding a cure <3

You've helped us donate $418.69 !

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